Savior-Faire: (SAV-wahr-fayr) knowledge of just what to do in any situation

Sherry started her career in photography by assisting some of the top wedding, architectural, and commercial photographers in the field. With five years of wedding experience already in the bag, she could feel herself propelled pulled strongly along that career trajectory. After extensive training in the art of lighting and composition, she decided to put her passion to use.

After all, there is nothing better in life than loving what you do.

"The photographic community has proven to be a great fit for me. I love working with people and keeping up with the constantly-changing technology. The challenges inherent in getting that perfect shot drives me to be constantly evolving and learning new techniques. And as cliche as it may seem, I catch myself drying tears at nearly every wedding. The grandparents are always my soft spot. It reminds me of my own great-grandmother and how wonderful and loving she was." ~Sherry