Born in Ft. Lauderdale and raised along the Treasure Coast, Sherry Santino's love affair with photography began nearly a decade ago when she won her first real camera at a picnic. Within a matter of days, she began attending her first photography classes.

She admits somewhat ruefully that what attracted her to photography initially was that it looked so easy, "But it's not!" she laughs. "I found out quickly that there were all sorts of skills involved, including the math necessary to compute ratios, the techniques required to balance lighting, and other technical matters."

Even before gaining her degree, Sherry was working for professional photographers, garnering vital experience. During this time, she honed her skills in the areas of studio work, photographing corporate settings, creating portraits, capturing weddings, and participating in both national and international location shoots. Not long after graduating, Sherry founded the successful Santino Photography studio, where she works as lead photographer and manages a staff of three.

Although well trained at the prestigious Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, local girl Sherry Santino has not lost the personal touch that her clients so enjoy. Sherry makes herself available for home visits and for on-location photo shoots at her clients' favorite local venues. In fact, those desiring an outdoor backdrop will be excited to know that as a longtime South Florida resident, Sherry has collected her own mental list of favorite photographic hideaways.

In 2007, Sherry's son was born. She adores her rambunctious little boy, and appreciates the patience that motherhood has helped her to develop. That patience now stands her in good stead behind the lens. She is willing to invest the time required to get the perfect shot.

When asked about her working philosophy, Sherry confides, "If there's one goal that I have, it is that my clients will love the way that they look." In order to accomplish this, Sherry works subtly to enhance each client's most attractive natural features. "And I tend to listen to indie music while I process pictures," Sherry admits. One can't help but wonder if listening to music that is less mainstream helps her produce finished products that are unique rather than typical cookie-cutter, point-and-click shots.

When asked about her hobbies, she just blinks. "I don't know that I have any other than taking pictures," she muses. "This is what I do. It is what I eat, breathe, sleep, dream, and talk."